LSR2 Bi-Directional Digital Laser Distance Meter

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The LSR2 Digital Bi-Directional Laser Distance Meter is a powerful enhancement to the old style steel tape measure or one-way laser meter you've been using for years.  It incorporates TWO lasers and allows you to measure in both directions at the same time! 

Stand in one place and measure floor to ceiling or wall to wall without bending or climbing over obstacles.  Measure door clearances on warehouses, garages or hangars without getting down on the floor. 

With a range of 150 feet IN EACH DIRECTION, the LSR2 lets you measure large warehouses, long storage containers, etc. with ease.  Measure for carpet, blinds, shutters, paint, trim molding, door jambs, baseboards, furniture placement, etc.  Find the center point of a wall with the "Center Point" mode.  You will come up with dozens of ways to use the LSR2 to facilitate your measuring needs.

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